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For the intrepid vacationers, lovers of the adventure, Vueltabajo proposes the visit to a peculiar place: The Hill of Seboruco, main elevation of the county.

With 672,7 meters on the level of the sea, the summit, located to the north of the municipality Los Palacios, in the heart of Rosario’s Sierra, it always has a natural forest green, with brown floors and vegetation of forest tropical.

A distinctive element of the area is the Cave of Seboruco, an external, dry and clear room, with deep gallery, located inside a small hole among the high mountains of the solid.

The Hill of Seboruco exhibits a great variety of wood species like the cedar, the mahogany, the yellow and red majagua, algarrobo, the almácigo and yamao; at the same time there are important specimens of the autochthonous fauna of the region, among those highlight the jutía, the deer, the tocororo, the Aparecido de San Diego and the tomeguín del Pinar.

Besides its natural values, the place is famous to have given refuge to aboriginal and fugitives slaves of Cuba colonial, and to have been headquarters of important stocks during the independence war.

Its natural, archaeological and cultural values transform to this geographical accident into a place of singular attractiveness for the visitor that cannot resist the temptation to climb it and to contemplate the beautiful view from the culminating point of the Cuban occident.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco