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To demonstrate that Varadero has everything, somebody had the brilliant idea of adding it a center “All in One”. For Cuban as for tourists this is the place to go to search for “everything” you may need. It is a public, varied and without entrance cost space.

Let us be specific. Do you need gasoline for your automobile?, Something to buy of urgency?, do your children insist you so much to take them to an entertainment park?. How’s it going if you want to spend an amusing night playing skittles with your friends or if you need to be connected to Internet?. And this specially… do your stomach request you something to eat at midnight?. The answers to all these “difficult” questions you will find it in this “Todo en Uno”.

This way, in a natural way, this All in One it becomes in an interaction place. All kind of people looking for the most diverse things converge in this shared space. More than a business center is the place for the Cuban and foreign families.

For visit: 61st avenue between 6th and Autopista Sur, Varadero (23.149496, -81.25213).

by: Leunam Rodríguez