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In the Galería-Taller on Avenida Primera in Varadero is the Matanzas Branch of the Cuban Cultural Property Fund, the main marketer in the area of Cuban cultural products. The most authentic artistic and artisan creations of various creators are at the disposal of the traveller.

They even work hand in hand with artists and artisans in the Ciénaga de Zapata, Hato de Jicarita and Bacunayagua. The products can be viewed and purchased in this Gallery-Workshop or at trade fairs and sales points in various hotels. Among the other stores for commercialization, the one located in the Plaza América Convention Center, in the same Varadero, stands out.

Most of the products are made in the workshop on Avenida Primera. Visitors will be able to witness the creation process and come into direct contact with the artisans, before leaving, they will be able to purchase a piece of their choice to take home.

Between the 27th and 31st of March, the creators of Cerámica Varadero (CERVAR) met again in Varadero, an opportunity to exhibit new pieces and discuss current trends. According to the organizers, it was a challenge to resume the meeting after almost a decade without developing. CERVAR 2018 had as guests Manuel Hernández, Nelson Domínguez, Lázaro Zulueta, Ernesto García Peña, Sergio Roque and Edel Arencibia.

For visit: First Avenue between 59th and 60th streets. Varadero.

by: Leunam Rodríguez