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Many of the visitors who arrive in Cuba have a tradition of visiting the University of Havana, and take a snapshot that treasures forever the moment next to the Alma Mater, the bronze statue that is a symbol of this building and emblem for all Cuban students.

The University of Havana is the oldest on the island and boasts a rich history, since its classrooms were formed by the nation’s greatest scientists and intellectuals, including the figure of Fidel Castro Ruz.

The entrance to this House of High Studies is inspired by the Greek Parthenon, and has an 88-level staircase, where numerous activities related to university student life are carried out.

With 21 faculties and close to sixty thousand registered students, the University of Havana is among the most important in the Caribbean, due to its renowned faculty and intense educational activity.

One of the most dazzling buildings of this institution is the Aula Magna, where important events for university students take place. In addition, the remains of Cuban thinker Félix Varela and doctor Carlos Juan Finlay, discoverer of the agent that causes yellow fever, rest on this site.

Surrounded by parks and gardens, the University of Havana offers an atmosphere of study, commitment and joy, typical of the young people who pursue their careers in this historic place, with the intention of becoming respectable men and women of this country.

For visits: L and 27 streets. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución. La Habana. Cuba (23.136886, -82.381544). Telephone: +53 7 8793488

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño