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In Havana, in the surroundings of the Old Square and near to the Cámara Oscura (Dark Chamber), you will be able to travel to the stars. Yes, as you read, a trip to the stars from Cuba. This is thanks to an ambitious Cuban-Japanese project called “Planetarium of Havana “. A modern facility in the middle of Old Havana.

It was inaugurated in 2009, in celebration of the 400 years of invention of the spyglass by Galileo Galilei and because of the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Japan. It is the only construction of this type throughout Cuba. Considered a novel educational tool that stimulates the care of life on the planet and interest in the astronomical culture. This cultural center of science and technology brings visitors to the origins of the known Universe.

The building of four floors includes from an interactive zone to an astronomical observatory. The technical, stellar and galactic rooms represent different aspects of the cosmos, especially a Big Bang simulation. The reconstruction of the Solar System with scale planets and their movements is excellent. A helical ramp surrounds the Sun to the interior of the solar globe at the upper level.

The Space Theater room, with capacity for 65 spectators, reproduces the celestial vault by means of advanced technology. The modern Japanese system shows us the constant and systematic movements of stars, planets and comets. The combination of images and sound will allow you to witness the most celebrated events of the Universe.

The entire tour takes about 45 minutes, at this time, you will have made an imaginary cosmic journey.

It is considered that there are in the world around three thousand planetariums. The Planetarium of Havana is classified as one of the most advanced in Latin America along with others such as the “Galileo Galilei” planetarium in Argentina and the Planetarium of the University of Santiago de Chile.

For visit: Mercaderes street Number 311 between Brasil & Muralla, in Plaza Vieja, Habana Vieja (“23.13598, -82.34966”). Telephone: (+53) 78649544 y 45, 78649165. From wednesday to sunday from 10:00 to 15:30 h.

by: Leunam Rodríguez