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On your walk through Marti Park, do not miss visiting the Tomas Terry Theater. Located in front of this Park, at the corner of 56th Avenue and 27th Street. This is an almost unparalleled theater on our Island. Its design is of an Italian coliseum type, a horseshoe shaped room in which the public is situated on four levels and always facing the stage. It has 1200 seats. There are only two more theaters with this style of construction in Cuba, the Sauto in Matanzas and La Caridad in Santa Clara.

In addition to being the scene of great cultural events, Terry is one of the most elegant buildings in Cienfuegos. A majestic exponent of the golden age of this city. This architectural gem is a source of pride for the Cienfuegos’s people. In 2008, the National Conservation Prize was awarded to the theater for the value of the action that has maintained the image, space and original functionality of the property.

Its decorative details are exquisite. The influence of Byzantine art is present in the portico of the main façade. Adorned with three artistic mosaics, allegorical masks of the three graces: Thalia (comedy), Euterpe (music) and Melpomene (tragedy). Once inside, in the middle of the lobby we will see the marble statue of Tomas Terry. The benefactor, with a very natural expression, as satisfied to see his wish fulfilled daily. Elegant structure, with canvas frames in the main room, portraits of artists and various floral motifs. Inside the golden walls and frescoes on the ceiling dazzle the view of the visitor.

The theater Tomas Terry is the main theater of the city of Cienfuegos. Its construction began in the year 1887 thanks to the contribution of the wealthy Tomas Terry and his relatives. It was inaugurated on February 12, 1890 and since then, its stage have received internationally known figures like Enrico Caruso from Italy, Ana Pavlova from Russia, Jorge Negrete from Mexico and Alicia Alonso from Cuba. The theater today has the status of National Monument.

For visit: Corner of 56th Avenue & 27th Street. Cienfuegos (“22.14646, -80.45284”). Entrance charge Daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez