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Theatrical May is an effort to promote integration and recognition of continental theater of high artistic quality and social commitment, and a party of bodies and intellect. Every two years and through an art curator who performs the Directorate Theatre, Theatre May brings a sample of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean theater, in which emblematic and outstanding teachers of the continental scene groups share with young groups of proven performance, organized a meeting theoretical bringing together all participants, and a series of training workshops and improvement. So, you set up a space call and playwrights and dialogue between cultures in the region. It also promotes discussions, conferences, publications takedowns and theater presentations. It is also the space for the award ceremony El Gallo de La Habana, which distinguishes the theater group, personality, publication or stage event that constitutes a contribution to the theater in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Joint magazine, which has accompanied the work of the scene over more than fifty years accompanies the event and talks with him, to circulate its latest issue and serve as a future memory space of its occurrence. With Theatrical May the dreams of Latin American theater are renewed for being, through the breadth of creative discourse that dialogue with the reality of our America.

By: Arianna Gonzalez

Photo: Eduardo P. Seiglie