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Owning a fascinating beauty and unparalleled quiet, the community Las Terrazas stands as one of the main destinations for nature tourism in the country.

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra del Rosario, this rural living experience of sustainable development combines more than five thousand hectares of protected forests with comprehensive tourist services.

Among the main attractions of Las Terrazas is the possibility of exploring the ruins of 19th-century French coffee plantations and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Baños del San Juan, a natural spa with mineral-medicinal properties.

At the same time, the visitor will be able to interact with the rich cultural life of the Cuban West, know the Cultural House Polo Montañez, birthplace of the “guajiro natural”; and share the creative activity of screen-printing, painting, ceramics and handicraft workshops.

The region also stands out for its varied range of specialized tourist products, including the route of the Cañada del Infierno, a five-kilometer journey along the canyon that forms the Bayate River; La Serafina trail, in which peaceful forests are passed to observe cormorants, nightingales, carpenters and other species of birds; and El Taburete hiking, which means the ascent to the top of the Loma del Taburete where, at 453 meters high, you can see the surrounding valleys and mountains and the southern coast of the Gulf of Batabanó.

A unique space in the community is the Moka Hotel, a four-star hotel. In the lobby stands a giant tree that, from an ingenious design, harmonizes architecture and landscape and favors direct contact with nature inside the property.

Mountain ranges, tropical forests, natural pools and a diverse fauna combine with the calm atmosphere and cultural richness of this lavish land, to make Las Terrazas an ideal place for those who are looking for adventure, as well as for those who want to relax and rest.

For visit: Comunidad Las Terrazas at Sierra del Rosario, Artemisa (“22.84557, -82.94422”). Free access daily.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco