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Since its foundation in 2008, the environmental street theatre group TECMA has been an indispensable part of the cultural scene in Vueltabajo.

In their constant struggle on stilts, the young actors give the public an exquisite show where the audience becomes protagonists of the most diverse stories.

Known throughout the island, TECMA’s presentations are characterized by folklore, novelty and a constant search for the unexpected. The central themes of his work advocate the rescue of national identity and respect for nature and diversity.

A sui generis characteristic of the group is that its members craft each of the costumes and accessories that they wear on stage. The materials used for this are recyclable products, a call to attention to the importance of care and preservation of the environment.

The group, the only one of its kind in the province, holds a series of workshops every year in which children and teenagers discover the art of acting, acrobatics and costume design.

Surprising apparitions in the places and moments less expected, colorful shows, narratives that immerse in the deepest feelings and an extraordinary ability to interact with the public, are some of those present that almost a decade ago, TECMA presents the hundreds of people who agglomerate in their path to enjoy such a special art.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco