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In the depths of the Sierra del Rosario, at Soroa area, emerges a jewel of Artemisa geography: the Botanical Garden of Soroa Orchid Garden, which guards untold treasures of biological and landscape wealth of the region.

The Garden was declared “National Heritage” in 1961. It is a scientific-production center of the University of Pinar del Río, for the preservation and enjoyment of nature and the conservation of Cuban orchids.

Its construction dates back to the 50s of last century, when the renowned lawyer Thomas Felipe Camacho from the Canary Islands, decided to build a rest house, christened with the name of “Pinilla” in honor of Pilar, his died little daughter.

Camacho moved to that place his extensive collection of orchids and his dwelling was becoming, gradually, on a site of considerable interest to naturalists and lovers of endemic and exotic flora.

In its 35 thousand square meters, the area has the largest variety of orchids in the country, with more than 20,000 specimens of 700 species, distributed on live plants and in nine greenhouse intended for reproduction. In the Orchigram, the tenth pavilion of the park, flowered orchids delight visitors because of its delicacy and elegance.

Among the main attractions of the landscape highlights the Vanda teres or purple orchid, the Prosthechea cochleata or black orchid and Encyclia phenicia or orchid of chocolate; to which the stream of crotons, begonias, anthuriums and other species of Cuban horticulture, all of great scientific and ornamental value is added.

The Orchid Garden is part of the national and Caribbean networks of Botanic Gardens, and has one of the main libraries specialized in orchids in the continent.

Each year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit the site, seduced by the beauty of its collections and the unforgettable experience of contact with nature.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco