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In the deepest part of the Sierra del Rosario emerges the paradisiacal beauty of Soroa, one of the most complete and promising destinations in western Cuba. The area owes its name to the Soroa Muñagorri family, a coffee-growing clan that in the 1950s began to extend its properties to become almost absolute owner of the region.

Soroa is an ideal place for hiking: walks and excursions allow the visitor to get in direct contact with the wonders of this tropical landscape, declared a Biosphere Reserve. The mountainous relief, lush flora and breathtaking views are a permanent invitation to the enjoyment of nature.

El Salto, distinctive symbol of Soroa, is one of the main tourist attractions of the destination. Famous for its beauty, this waterfall of the Manantiales River reaches 22 meters in height, and its water falls forming a natural well, perfect for bathing.

A unique construction stands on the top of the hills: the Castle of the Clouds, a building of almost a hundred years that resembles the medieval style. Converted into a restaurant, the Castle attracts visitors of all ages, who ascend to the top of the hill to taste the delicious traditional dishes and international cuisine, while contemplating the seductive landscape.

Another attraction of the area is El Mirador, a beautiful balcony located 250 meters above sea level, from which you get unbeatable views of the southern plains of Pinar del Río and the Sierra del Rosario and Sierra de los Organos.

The Botanical Garden crowns the majesty of the area, treasuring the largest collection of orchids in the country, with more than 20 thousand specimens of about 700 species from Cuba, America and Asia.

Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world frequent the region, admired for its privileged nature and unparalleled beauty.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco