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There are few occasions in which a pair of fine artists has come together to share site. The reasons are different, but the fundamental reason for seeking relief in his pocket. The idea of conceiving a place where two artists develop their work is not new, either in Cuba or elsewhere.

However, finding a place that transcends its status as mere property, which converge the ideas and creative feedback, which in turn resulting in socializing with other artistic expressions, it is less common is established. It is no coincidence then that based on the lack (at least in Cuba) arising Fucina Des Artists, a creative space founded by the artist Leonardo Salgado, who became amid a context undergoing great changes, somehow also the result of new dynamics socioeconomic strata that have rethought various social and cultural life. This young artist based his field in order to encourage, support and promote the development and dissemination of projects related to the visual arts. Together with a team looking to propose a multipurpose space where you offer different incentives to Cuban art, which also drives in many ways the work of artists of different generations. For such purposes Fucina has two adjacent workshops and an exhibition area.

The workshops are intended to guest artists with spatial difficulties in developing or have interests in the open or shared work, as long as their works are aesthetically attractive and interesting. Both workshops provide the occupiers of a direct exchange, looking for a creative growth of their proposals. The exhibition area is intended for assembly works both emerging artists and more established, which in turn serve as aesthetic exchanges in the workshops are developed base.

Besides that space is ready to inaugurations of exhibition projects mainly for positioning of space, some linked to prestigious institutional events like the Havana Biennial, the International Biennial of Humor, the Young Cinema Showcase ICAIC and the Festival of the Arts Institute Higher Art. Daily witness to the movement of the central avenue 23, and its host within art and talent, Fucina Des Artists us as patrons in a context that demands increasingly creative new dynamics.

By: Lizandra Diaz Padron


address: Ave. 23 No. 1159 e/ 12 y 10 Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Cuba.
e-mail: fucinadesartistas@gmail.com
teléfono: (+53) 53301298
facebook: /FucinadesArtistas