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Located to the east of the island, the Sierra Maestra is the largest mountain range in Cuba, also considered a National Park. Its history is linked to the most important processes that the country has gone through.

Since 1956, its dense vegetation has been used to establish the guerrilla movement led by Fidel Castro, which culminated in the flight of the dictator Fulgencio Batista and the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959.

At the centre of the massif are the highest elevations in the country. Among them is the Pico Real del Turquino, the highest point of the island, with nineteen hundred and seventy-four meters above sea level. Its wonderful views make it an excellent place for hiking, accompanied by specialized guides in this area.

The richness of its flora and fauna, very endemic, and its unique natural characteristics made it a Great Sierra Maestra National Park, covering territories of the provinces of Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

Among its many attractions we can find Natural Reserves, National Monuments, Historical Sites, Hunting Preserves and countless perfect facilities for nature tourism.

Its wide river systems and the presence of the deepest caves in the country, ensure the visitor an impressive group that makes up the natural landscape of this area of the Greater Antilles.

For Visits: To the East and South of Cuba (Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo provinces)

by:  Lys Alfonso Bergantiño
pics: Yarelis Gonzáles