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To the entrance of Provincial Committee of Communist Party, where Che planted his command during the assault to Santa Clara’s city, it is erected a sculpture full with symbols as review of Heroic guerrilla fighter’s life from his childhood until guerrilla fight in Bolivia, highlighting his ideals and faith in the future in the boy’s figure that sustains in his arms. In his head a solitary star, in his chest the infinite travelled by two children, one carries the sun the other one the moon, in his pocket a book, a hero, El Quijote, on his shoulder a boy mounts a goat that throws to the mount leaving his immense garden behind, the economic security of his home, a motor coupled in the bicycle to heal lepers that appear of the buckle of his belt. Che walks energetic toward another revolution. Hasta siempre comandante!

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez