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We are in the city of Santa Clara. Walking along Independencia street, one of the main streets of the city, we reach the Boulevard. This is a place frequented by all the inhabitants and visitors. We will see around some shops with assorted items. Numerous places offer their specialties of dishes, drinks or ice cream to share with the family.

Join us on this tour. We start at the corner of Zayas street. Right there begins the Boulevard. We will first visit La Casa de la Ciudad, a majestic building still under restoration. This site, recently reopened, is a place for cultural exchanges and exhibition of samples of the history of the city.

We continue our walk. The old House of the Governor rises in front of us. The pictures, stairs and interior courtyard have been magnificently restored. A mural shows some of the patriots in local history. Now there is in this place a luxurious restaurant with varied a la carte offers.

We are back on Boulevard street. To one side we find the old Cubanacan cinema, now turned into a Cultural Center and home of Santa Clara Symphony. This group offers free concerts in Vidal Park, an ancient tradition of past decades. This cultural center offers tourists and nationals a varied cultural program complemented by gastronomic offerings.

At this point, our smell alerts us to a place with an exquisite offer: The corner of chocolate. This coffee shop, very visited by families, manufactures its own ice cream with exquisite texture. Many attend regularly to delight their palate with a different taste.

We continue our walk along this boulevard full of life. Therefore, with the coming and going of settlers and tourists we left behind the cafes, bars and shops until finishing in Maceo street. Other sites in this beautiful city await for us.

For visit: Independencia street from Zayas street until Maceo street, Santa Clara (“22.40801, -79.96737”). Free access daily.

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez