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Antiquity and beauty, two features difficult to find at the same time in a city. But Santa Clara is not. It is one of those cities with a colonial past that defies time for its beauty.

Santa Clara belongs to the municipality of the same name and is the capital of Villa Clara province. It is located almost in the center of the country, about 267 km from Havana and less than 100 km from Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Founded on July 15, 1689, boasts museums, old churches and parks full of culture and history. It is world famous because the mausoleum and the tomb of Che Guevara are located there.

Since ancient times, its position made it a communication link between the east and west of the island. It is a city of ancient cultural traditions that originated in colonial times. According to the local people, their ancestors had outstanding participation in the Ten Years’ War, in 1895 War, and in the revolutionary struggle of 1959. Many places in the city pay tribute to the memory of Che Guevara, The Heroic Guerrilla. The city is christened as the “city of Che” as it was taken militarily by him in December 1958 during the famous battle that cemented the final victory.

Vidal Park is one of the main attractions for visitors. This square plaza surrounded by colonial and neo-classical buildings is a meeting point. At any time, people of all ages walk through this place. At its center, the “Glorieta” is the setting for concerts and performances. Not far away, you will find the Boulevard 1898, a pedestrian street surrounded by commercial establishments. Many state businesses and other private local residents open their doors every day with all kinds of services. Among them stands out the Mejunje, cultural center with a daily cultural variety.

Due to its authentic historical and artistic values, Santa Clara is considered a World Heritage Site. However, it is now one of the least frequented tourist destinations in Cuba. There, travelers will find a vibrant city that displays its history in each building and monument.

For visit: Santa Clara city, 260KM from Havana, 57KM to Cienfuegos and 66 KM to Trinidad  (“22.40695, -79.96523”).

By: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodriguez