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The Sabanalamar crocodile farm, located in the vicinity of the Bailen beach, in the western province of Pinar del Río, is a site for the conservation and captive breeding of Crocodylus Acutus or American Crocodile, exclusive species of North America, Central America, South America and the Greater Antilles.

The farm is divided into cubicles of growth, small fenced areas where specimens are located according to their size in order to avoid competition for food between large and small. It also has an area for spawning stock biomass and an incubator for handling eggs and hatchlings.

Sabanalamar currently hosts 1200 specimens. Adults reach up to four to six meters and can weigh up to half a ton. They have long, narrow snout. Its back is olive green and the ventral part is greyish to white. Breeders say that the female protects her children with zeal. According to the age and size, the broods may contain between 10 and 60 eggs.

The existence of the American Crocodile endangered due to indiscriminate hunting of man and therefore it was included in the Endangered Species Act, but its population has recovered thanks to the creation of artificial habitats like the floristic reserve managed San Ubaldo-Sabanalamar. This center has achieved stability in the multiplication of Acutus for the reintroduction of it in its natural habitat.

By: Susana Rodriguez Ortega