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On the outskirts of the city of Pinar del Río, just at kilometer 1 of the road that leads to the tourist town of Viñales, a singular Cabaret attracts the attention of hundreds of national and foreign visitors.

The flagship of the Cuban West, Rumayor Cabaret, has been for decades an attractive cultural proposal for the enjoyment of first-rate artistic performances.

Shortly before midnight it opens its doors with a show of traditional music, Cuban salsa and good humor in which take part regular figures of first level in the country like the singers Chacal, Waldo Mendoza, Pablito FG, Laritza Bacallao or the comedians Pánfilo, Pantera and the Habanero.

Adorned with African tribal elements and a spacious garden, Rumayor also has one of the best restaurants in town. Among its pleasures the visitor can delight in the delicious “Rumayor smoked chicken”.

Without the opulence of the Tropicana Cabaret in Havana, but possessing the same swing that distinguishes the flavor of Cuban music, Rumayor is a must visit in the westernmost provinces for lovers of Caribbean dance and traditions.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco