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The goldsmith’s art for many years, was one job for men. This ancient art, started creating silver objects for liturgical purposes and secular utilitarian functions. In this tradition as a continuum starts in the twentieth century a revival in the different craft demonstrations, including metalwork and particularly the goldsmith.

In Cuba meanwhile, this art has been spreading like wildfire, and there are many women today rush this office so precious. A very characteristic example of this is present in the goldsmith Rosana Vargas, who started very young to make their pieces, impregnated with a unique label, characterized by a constant search and a refined technique.

The basis of his work is supported by the metal as the main material; assembled, textured, patented or crimps with alternative materials, make each work a world of fantasy and reality. bold and attractive forms used Rosana in their designs, and imposes a style that identifies it in pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings.

Thus ROX Goldware, your jewelry company drinking minimalism, sculpture and engineering arises. With debugged lines and a mirror shine on flat surfaces delivering genuine exponents of the best contemporary Cuban goldsmith. The purity of line, the delicacy of the features of the metal, freedom of movement, sophistication, feminine and modern, are elements that characterize their way to face the office. His pieces, impeccably make vary the view of those who still hesitate to qualify as art jewelry.

No few people who recognize and love this talented young woman for her generosity and kindness to his friends. Its possible influence on personal style and life, will be present and will do more growing time, as expressed by Oscar Wilde, in art artisan: “At any human being will always be an object that has caused its manufacturer some pleasure and cause some delight its owner”.

By: Dayron Camilo Sánchez

Photos: Interviewee’s courtesy