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Located in the northern part of the province of Pinar del Río, the town of Río del Medio represents one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Pinar del Río region.

Exotic for its contrast of gentle hilly terrain and the waters of the Caribbean Sea, the village shows the newcomer the particularities of its geography.

With winding roads this settlement has an area of 36 hectares where various types of vegetation such as pine forests and mangroves typical of coastal areas stand out.

In addition to the special configuration of the place, the population, of about 384 inhabitants, is dedicated to work such as fishing, handicrafts and to a lesser extent to agriculture.

Another of the great attractions of the region is the warmth of its inhabitants who are catheterized by the affable and simple treatment.

The main recreational activities include traditional events in the area such as Las Verbenas and weekly sports and cultural festivals with the participation of most of the community.

This settlement has great tourist potential as its beaches and savannahs favor the development of the tourism sector.

The creation of popular camping, in 1970, increased the dynamics of Rio del Medio, making the place more attractive to visitors and significantly increasing the number of residents.

At present, El Copey is also home to the popular campsite El Copey, a recreational facility for the enjoyment of all vacationers, where the comfort of its rooms and the excellence of its service are combined.

by:  Elizabeth Colombe Frias