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The Revolution Square is a historic symbol of Cuba. It is known throughout the world for being the setting for multitudinous meetings of the Cuban people. From this place important speeches have been proclaimed and unpublished patriotic acts have been carried out by Fidel Castro.

This huge square was built on a hill, imitating the style of the Place de l’Etoile in Paris. It is considered as one of the largest public squares in the world, with approximately 72000 square meters and with different avenues that are dispersed towards the city. Formerly known as Plaza Cívica (Civic Square), it became known as Revolution Square when the armed struggle of the Cuban people triumphed in 1959.

The pyramidal tower has at its base a statue of white marble of 18 meters of height that represents the national hero and poet Jose Martí, seated and thoughtful. The tower is the highest point of the city of Havana and has an interior elevator of 90 meters of travel and a staircase of 579 steps. On the top floor, at 129 meters above sea level, there is a viewpoint with breathtaking panoramic views of the city. On the ground are reflected the distances between the monument and the capitals of 43 countries, as well as 8 places in the national territory.

In the vicinity are some government buildings. To the north of the square, on the facade of the Ministry of Interior, is the famous sculptural relief of Che Guevara with the phrase “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”. Since 2009 another mural with identical characteristics can be seen in the Telecommunications building, this one shows the image of Camilo Cienfuegos with his phrase “Vas bien Fidel”. To the East and West sides are the José Martí National Library and the National Theater of Cuba, the latter, home of the nightclub “Café Cantante”.

Significant events in recent years include the Mass celebrated by Pope Francisco in front of almost one million people in September of 2015 and the massive act on the occasion of the death of Fidel Castro in 2016 that concentrated the Cuban people and important heads of states of the world.

The Revolution Square at the time was recognized as the center of Gran Havana. The tours for the visitor include a view of the José Martí Memorial, the Mirador and all the surrounding areas of this Square.

For visit: Paseo & Independencia avenues. Plaza de la Revolución. La Habana (“23.12265, -82.3865”). Telephone: +53 7 8820906. Open from monday to saturday from 9:30 to 17:00.

by: Leunam Rodríguez