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The gastronomic complex “El Paso” is located in a colonial house in the Plaza del Carmen, in the city of Camaguey. Since its founding, the site becomes widely accepted, especially by foreign visitors who extol the quality and variety of its offers.

This was emphasized by the second American lady Jill Biden in recent visit to that place, who tasted a typical Cuban menu, accompanied by the Ambassador for Global Women’s Affairs, Catherine Russell, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Evan Ryan and Ambassador of the United States in Cuba and his wife.

“El Paso” was opened on July 5, 2013, and it defends the traditional cuisine and among its offers highlights the Ropa Vieja (beef) with Tinajon of potato on cassava. It is also very like the Pan patato, dessert prepared with vegetables and honey, but also on its menu are dishes of international cuisine.

But, besides offering typical culinary dishes, the restaurant has a bar, wine list, air-conditioned space and outdoor service, buffet service, recorded music, booking room, breakfast, reserved space, parking, takeaway food, home delivery, service of sommelier and musical performances.

The resort is also favored by its history and the environment in which it is set, where stand churches like San Juan de Dios, la Merced, the Cathedral and the Carmen and also the Gallery and Project of plastic artist Martha Jimenez, Unesco Award for Best Sculpture Ensemble.

Open every day from 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM, “El Paso” restaurant is a standing invitation to Cuban and foreign visitors, because in addition to its excellent culinary offerings at the same time combines elegance and tradition.

Photo 1: Hosting the Professor Jill Biden with the US delegation at the restaurant “El Paso”
Photo 2: The Second Lady of the US in “El Paso” Complex.
Photo 3: Main Hall of “El Paso” Restaurant
Photo 4: Bar of “El Paso” Complex
Photo 5: Reserved room of “El Paso” Restaurant.
Photo 6: “El Paso” Terrace
Photo 7: Shrimp boil over, one of the recipes of “El Paso” Complex
Photo 8: View of the Plaza del Carmen from the restaurant “El Paso”

Text and photos: Indira López Karell