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The walk to this farm begins in horse-drawn carriages. Currently it is possible to make this journey in a motor vehicle for those who prefer it that way. Everything starts at the Hostel Colonial Paradise; from there the visitor is moved to the farm. Upon arrival, the host family will greet you. They host their guests with a welcome cocktail, usually a refreshing fruit juice.

Before the tour begins, the guests received an explanation of the areas to visit in the tour program. Then walk the path. A path surrounded by plants and fruit trees makes the route. During the trip, the visitor will appreciate the well preserved of the place. They will also be instructed on the different species of plants that observe and can eat the fruits that they find in the way.

Once this walk is finished the visitor is shown the dinner that can be eaten later. This food is prepared in the manner of the Cuban peasant’s cooking.

To continue you will enjoy a horseback ride through the extensive countryside. The beauty of nature in this region over which the hand of man has not done destruction will strike the guest. This part of the road ends in a river of clean waters. Here you can take a refreshing dip and relax before returning. A very lush vegetation, ideal for taking some good photos, surrounds all this area.

Upon returning to the farm takes a shorter road. Dinner will be waiting for you, smelling and delicious. All ready to dazzle you with the taste of typical Creole food.

by: Leunam Rodríguez