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Our Apostle and national hero “Jose Marti” once said: “Children are the hope of the world.” Cuba has high regard for its children. Just as Martí called his son “mi principe enano (my young prince)”, every Cuban child is a “prince” or “princess.”

For that reason, this municipal contest is called: “For a young prince”. It is played by Cuban pioneers, all eager to show our history with art. Every year, school directors, teachers and parents make every effort to organize this children’s party. Each one puts his bit to make everything go well.

It is a party of suits, laughter and fun. The children prepare their adult-assisted performances and compete to take the talent prize. The main theme is the Cuban history. Each school represents some period of Cuban history, which they learn in classrooms and here they can show others.

From the primitive community of our aborigines to the present stage of the Revolution in Power, passing through the Colonial and Neocolonial times, nothing is left out. Attendees enjoy each performance. Children strive to do their best so that knowledge triumphs. Disguises of Aborigines, Spaniards, Mambises, black slaves and patriots parade for this event.

Each “prince” and “princess” shares the art with its mates. Others exchange picaresque jokes at the slightest opportunity. Some are known from the classroom, others meet for the first time. All have in common to live in a country where every child is a priority.

Thus, at the end of the afternoon, each parent, teacher and pupil return home with the satisfaction of helping our children to be “happy here”. Because for every “young prince, this party is made”.

by: Leunam Rodríguez