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The Plaza Mayor is the center of the historic quarter of the beautiful city of Trinidad, in Sancti Spíritus.

With a stately colonial style, the Plaza is a place of congregation for visitors from all over the world, who come here to admire the architectural beauty of the Trinitarian city and its history.

Since the foundation of the Villa de la Santísima Trinidad in 1514, the square was the center of the city, around which the activities were developed and the most important buildings were concentrated. Over the years, it has been transformed into an image that shines today.

It has four elegant gardens encircled by gates brought from Philadelphia, in addition to streetlamps and the sculpture of the dance muse, Terpsichore, in the center to denote majesty.

The mansions next to the square display Italian frescoes, porcelains, Spanish furniture and dazzling French chandeliers. Among these remarkable buildings are the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, the Romantic Museum, the Municipal Historical Museum and the Ortiz Palace, a prestigious art gallery.

Some of its original components have been restored to the Plaza, including decorative ceramic bowls and cast iron benches.

In Trinidad, the visitor can access the Plaza Mayor from any street, to reveal the secrets kept by this jewel of Cuban heritage, which has reached today as a true symbol of authenticity and tradition.

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by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño