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There are many reasons for locals and visitors to succumb to the charms of Plaza del Carmen, located in the heart of the city of Camagüey, and considered the second most preserved Colonial Place of the former villa.

Its varied popular architecture, irregular courtyards, simple and modest facades of the houses, representative of the original colonial style, together with other elements endow the environment with a singular beauty, between the squares that make up the historic center of the half-thousand-year-old city.

Known historically as Pozo de Gracia, because there is a very fertile well that served its inhabitants, its emergence goes back to the first decades of the nineteenth century.

The sculptural figures of the renowned artist of Camagüey, Martha Jiménez, which passed from clay to bronze, are outstanding in their cobblestone streets. They recreate characters such as the newspaper reader, the former water seller, gossiping women, and the couple of lovers.

In addition to the Sculpture Ensemble converted into a UNESCO Prize, giving universal fame to the Plaza, the vases, banks and works of local artists make it a sui generis place.

Part of its surroundings are “El Paso” and “El Ovejito” Restaurants, the former Convent of the Ursulines, now belonging to the Office of the Historian of the City, the Church of Carmen, and the studio-gallery of renowned artisans of the patio, such as Martha Jiménez.

More than two centuries after its foundation, the Plaza del Carmen is distinguished by its architectural, heritage and cultural values, and above all, because it is a picturesque, irresistible and obligatory site in Camagüey.

Photo Caption:

  • Photo 1: Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church, unique of two towers in the city of Camagüey.
  • Photo 2: Study – Workshop of the recognized artist of the plastic of Camaguey, Martha Jiménez, UNESCO Prize to the Best Sculptural Ensemble in 1997.
  • Photo 3: Sculpture of the reader sitting on a stool of clay and ground rocks.
  • Photo 4: Sculptor of the old seller of water.
  • Photo 5: Sculpture of gossip women.
  • Photo 6: The vases and benches also endow the Plaza del Carmen with beauty.
  • Photo 7: View of the Plaza del Carmen from the central Hermanos Agüero Street, in the city of Camagüey.

Text and photos: Indira López Karell