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There are few visitors who come to Vueltabajo and resist the temptation to smoke a “habano”: typical, captivating and exclusive, the cigar distinguish the region, known as the land of the best tobacco in the world.

For lovers of the art of puffing, Pinar del Río offers, since 2015, an attractive tourist product: The Tobacco Route.

Under the slogan “from the seed to the smoke”, the circuit allows direct contact with the entire productive cycle of the recognized “habanos” and enjoy the harmonious combination of the natural hills and the rural economy in the province.

The program includes tours Las Vegas and exchange with tobacco growers, visits to healing and stripping houses, as well as a stay in the “Francisco Donatién” Tobacco Factory, where the visitor will know the skill of the tobacco rollers and can taste an authentic Cuban cigar.

The Route has multilingual guides that will provide you with information on the origin, history and traditions associated with the crop, and on the latest scientific results for the improvement of planting, benefit and twisting of the leaf.

The route, marketed by the Travel Agency Havantur S.A., is offered in the municipalities Viñales, San Juan, San Luis and Consolación, whose plains supply the bulk of the raw material used to make the famous “cigars” in the region.

Mystery and illusion, magic and charm, elegance and power, are some of the sensations aroused by smoking a tobacco, fruit of a centennial art of which Vueltabajo is cradle and chair.

Route is commercialized at Havanatur Offices: Marti Street, Colón corner, No. 113, Pinar del Rio. Phone: (+53) 48 778494 / Salvador Cisneros Street, No. 65, Viñales. Phone: (+53) 48 796262.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco