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In the center of the city of Pinar del Río is a unique park that mixes beauty and classical order of Greek and Roman mythology, in open rupture with contemporary architecture.

Known as “Parque de las Estatuas” (“Park of the statues “), the work is the result of FIDIAS project led by the sculptor Pedro Luaces, responsible for several of the most important urban projects of the territory in the last five years.

This marvelous work stands near one of the largest hospitals in the province and the stadium Capitan San Luis, Vegueros’ headquarters, one of baseball teams with more tradition in the island. There, different artistic trends converge, so, visitors can rest, study or just walking.

There you will find ecstatic faces and banshees, lions, rhinos; among the grass, pigs, alligators, all under the gentle shade of a fragile flower roof.

However, the “Park of the statues” is a much more ambitious project and its sociocultural influence directly impacts the nearby town.

Perfectly matched to the environment, it has a gazebo where workshops in painting, sculpture, dolls, ceramics and jewelry are held. It also has a small amphitheater for performances of children and music groups.

Paradise for lovers and space for relaxation, this unique park is an architectural gem in the heart of the land of the best tobacco in the world.

For visit: Carretera Central and Gerardo Medina street. Located in front of Hospital León Cuervo Rubio. Pinar del Rio.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco