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Inspired by the extraordinary and mystical universe of Egyptian civilization and due to the popular preference, El Faraón nightclub has become the flagship nightclub in Vueltabajo.

With a decoration that recreates the life of well-known monarchs, the facility aims to stimulate the interest of domestic and foreign visitors to the valuable passages of the culture and history of ancient Egypt.

The nightclub has a reception area with bar where, escorted by an impressive replica of the funerary mask of Tutankhamun, the attendants will be able to taste international drinks and the classic Cuban cocktails.

Images of Cleopatra VII and Ramses II, engraved hieroglyphics on stone and reproductions of vases used in the hieratic ceremonies, accompany the recreational and gastronomic proposals of the enclosure.

Unique of its kind in the country, the facility offers a varied program that includes activities for audiences of all ages, from matinees for children to theme nights with music of the “prodigious decade”.

A few kilometers from the place, visitors can find hotel facilities and important cultural and recreational centers of the place, among them the Vueltabajo and Pinar del Río hotels, Milanés Theater, Rumayor Cabaret and El Criollo Restaurant- Bar.

Located in a central artery of the provincial capital, El Faraón is a vestige of ancient Egypt brought to the heart of western Cuba.

For Visits: Recreo No.7, Pinar del Río. Phone: (+53) 48 711180

by: Victor Manuel Blanco