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Located in the Historical Center, National Monument, of the tercentenary City of Matanzas rises the Park of Freedom, space dedicated to spend free time, the talkings and the walks, in which often happen important cultural shows.

The formerly Plaza de Armas, constitutes an alive referent of this neoclassical city of Cuba and latent witness of the numerous plans were forged here with the purpose of overthrowing the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, governor of the Island until the year 1952.

To the center of the Park rises the distinguish sculptural complex, which irradiates beauty to the environment.

Coming from Italy and created by the sculptor Salvatore Buemi in 1909, there is in first place a feminine figure raising the arms with some broken chains in the hands and screaming “Freedom! “, while just behind, 4 meters above her, rise off the José Marti’s figure, National Apostle from Cuba.

In the case of José Martí’s sculpture, experts assure it is the one that reproduces with more fidelity in the country the facial features of the poet and founder of the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC), and also counts with a pedestal of granite from Ravena of Lombardy.

About the urban perimeter that surrounds this park it highlights the presence of some of the most outstanding and characteristic buildings in Matanzas like Hotel Velasco, the original Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas, the Hall of Concerts José White, the old Spanish Casino and Government’s Palacio, among many others.

Historically, the Park of Freedom had other names among which figure those of New Square, Square of the King, Square of Weapons, Square of the Constitution and Square of the Independence.

Characteristic for their areas useful for meetings and eventual conversations, the outstanding enclosure harbors keeps the rich popular history of this city, ready to celebrate its 325 years of founded in 2018 coming.

Usual headquarters of cantatas, festivals, fairs, circus events and even, starting point for events of route cycling, the Park of Freedom rejuvenates in the measure that the years pass, thanks to the advances reconstructions by government authorities and specialists of the Office of the Matanzas City Conservative.

by: John Vila Acosta