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The agro-ecological farm “Paradise” opens its doors every day from early in the morning. This is a natural treasure and a prize to human effort, a place that will delight the visitor. It is located a few minutes from the center of Viñales town, on a steep hill and next to the path Silencio al Paraíso (Silence to Paradise). It will be worth getting there to enjoy the direct contact with nature and taste the delicious dishes.

This country ranch, which stretches for 8.9 hectares, was previously an unused area. It began operating in 2005 as a place of crops. In 2008 the owner, Wilfredo, with the help of his daughters started the restaurant with culinary offerings for visitors. Since then the number of people attracted by their offers has increased. The place maintains its family atmosphere in customer treatment.

There, everything is grown and prepared using natural methods. The crops include vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants. All the fertilizer used is organic, using agro-ecological techniques. The restaurant offers typical Cuban food and char-broiled steaks, all produced without any chemicals. The house offers some courtesies to diners. Drinks include juices and standards and self-created cocktails. ANTIESTRES cocktail highlights, a mixture of piña colada with more than five types of plants. This refreshing cocktail, specialty of the house, undoubtedly stay in your memory.

The view of the Valle del Silencio is excellent. According to customers, here it can be enjoyed some of the best sunsets in Cuba. You can make tours throughout the property. An extensive vegetated area serves as a natural refuge for several species of endemic birds. There is a bird observatory with a gazebo. Agro ecology training for domestic and foreign visitors is offered at no cost.

Agro ecology is an ancient practice and modern techniques emerge in the ’70s. A Cuba is considered a leader in this practice for being one of the few countries that considers agro ecology as a public policy. Although agro ecology and conventional agriculture still coexist in Cuba, it is estimated that more than 300,000 farmers currently apply agro-ecological concepts.

The agro-ecological farm “Paradise” promotes responsible tourism and healthy offerings. Undoubtedly paradise exists on earth, and is in Cuba, in Viñales.

For Visits: Road to Cementery. Viñales. Opens daily

By: Leunam Rodríguez