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In the limits of the Paseo del Prado en Cienfuegos, in the zone of Punta Gorda, stands the Palacio de Valle. Symbol of the South Pearl. One of the most emblematic buildings in the region. This luxurious mansion reflects the eclecticism of Cienfuegos. It is a museum and a restaurant specialized in seafood.

A bit of history. The wealthy merchant Acisclo Del Valle y Blanco, between 1913 and 1917, summoned French, Arab, Italian and Cuban artists for the construction of this palace. They used materials imported from Spain, Italy and the United States. A million and a half of pesos were invested, a true fortune at the time. Over the years, the family left this property. They sold it in the mid-50’s to become a casino. With the Revolution in power, the Ministry of Tourism financed its restoration and in 2000, it was declared a National Monument.

Palacio de Valle shows a mixture of architectural styles, predominantly the Mudejar and Gothic style in harmony with Byzantine, Venetian and Baroque styles. The diverse origins of artists are reflected in this chaos of styles. The building has two floors. The ground floor has a Gothic style hall, a dining room with Mudejar influence and other spaces with gold ornaments. On the second floor, the style is Venetian, less decorated with several terraces, corridors and rooms.

This luxurious building is full of symbolism. Two sphinxes guard the entrance. With the head and chest of a woman, the body and feet of a lion, do honor to the Egyptian fables. The three towers, with different styles, each have their own meaning. The one on the right symbolizes strength, in the center religion and the one on the left represents love. In the ceiling, a gazebo looks towards the Cienfuegos bay.

You can visit this Palace every day, in Punta Gorda, near the Jagua hotel and the coast. Enjoy the visit and some refreshing drink in the terrace bar. The panoramic view of the bay is exquisite, ideal for taking pictures of the sunset.

For visit: Avenue 37 (Prado ends) between 0 & 2. Punta Gorda. Cienfuegos (“22.12133, -80.45157”). Entrance charge Daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez