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One idea that emerged as a place for meeting friends has now become a mega project. So Opera has become since its creation in 2013, the ideal place to enjoy good art, especially the kitchen, place and in perfect harmony makes traveling through time to us. Opera is a restaurant, perhaps that looks to the naked eye, however, when you wander you perceive that you are not dealing only with glasses and cutlery; art, music and food combine to frame it as a different proposal in the middle of a city that has become fads.

Under the concept of slow life & slow food, it is also the impeccable decor vintage style that alludes to the name of space, offering customers personalized service that makes you feel in a warm and safe environment distinguishes all mixed with exquisite and creative culinary offerings, ranging from typical local food to Italian and vegetarian. As a multifunctional space,

Opera develops small concerts in which artists of the stature of Carlos Varela and Aldo Lopez Nusa, have enlivened with his talent repeatedly. It is also ideal for exhibitions, presentations, meetings, lunches and dinners. His staff is planned with special care in making proposals and bids that meet different customer needs, focusing not only on the familiar and friendly environment, also in the business. Located in a privileged area warren where the marine breeze that unfolds by the Malecon, where the visitor’s gaze collides necessarily with the majesty of the Riviera and Cohiba Hotel, also surrounded by the impeccable architecture that we inherited from the last century arrives, Opera opens its doors every day with the energy of a place that seduces all the senses, so that the mere act of eating is pleasant and enjoyable.

By: Arianna Gonzalez

Photo: Alberto Torres Alvarez