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Catholic Cathedral of Virgin Mary of Immaculate Conception, better known as Havana Cathedral. This imposing construction is considered one of the most beautiful religious buildings of Cuban baroque of XVIII century.

Although its construction began in 1748, this Church was not converted into a cathedral until 1788. It has a rectangular shape with three naves and eight lateral chapels, divided by thick pillars. Floor is made of black and white marble.

First thing strikes you is its beautiful facade in Baroque style adorned with columns and wavy arches. Dome, of intense orange color, can be seen from the neighboring buildings.

On entering we find immense columns support whole building. Numerous works of art and sculptures adorn the interior. Natural light enters freely and floods entire space. Beautiful chandeliers hang from ceiling. Main altar, forms an immense vault decorated in precious woods.

The works of architecture, sculpture, painting and gold work were carried out by renowned creators of Italy, France and Spain. Several relics and other sacred objects are preserved here. As a curious fact, ashes of Christopher Columbus were in this place from 1796 to 1898, at end of the colony.

Plaza de la Catedral square give you access to Cathedral of Havana. This amazing church awaits you with doors open.

For visit: Empedrado street between San Ignacio and Mercaderes streets, Old Havana, La Habana (“23.14119, -82.35175”). Entrance daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez