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Havana for decades has been characterized by the warm welcome that gives its inhabitants the traveler arriving for the first time to the island. An example of good taste, service and attention luxury can be found in Vedado city, in the old building Humboldt 7 located on the street corner Humboldt Malecon, a place that for decades has waited a close history with historical events of the Revolution.

Humberto and Manuel, owners of a set of 6 apartments in the building, are responsible for maintaining a 5-star service in dealing with customers. With over 10 years’ experience income apartments for the tourism sector. Manuel Humberto and are located on the long list of “Cubans Entrepreneurs”.

Manuel, knowing the history of Habanos and history, wanted to convey this experience in your business. The decoration of the apartments is a complete mixture of Cuban identity, where he awaits his paintings walls with very picturesque photographs of Havana, small details of the history of Habanos in Cuba, as well as antique furniture, which make you climb on a trip to past, that Havana of the 40 or 50.

This duo tries every day to further expand their business prospects, researching attractive proposals for the traveler. Regions: North America, Australia, Spain, Germany, England and France top the list of their regular customers, who never tire of admiring the wonderful and good service.

Rent Him is today a reference in the booking’s in Havana. With a wonderful view of the Malecon, in full neighborhood of Vedado, we find this building, which before 1959 was the scene of historic events and today after 57 years becomes more life with a business accommodation, where visitors can touch the story with their own hands.

By: Alejandro Ramírez

Photo: Interviewee’s courtesy