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Plaza Vieja is a meeting place for Cuban family. Day and night we can find there the kids running and practicing exercises or their parents enjoying the ride. Foreign visitors also participate in this natural, authentic and spontaneous party.

This square can be reached by any of these four streets: Muralla, Mercaderes, Teniente Rey and San Ignacio. It is located in the heart of Old Havana, at a short distance from another famous square of the city, Cathedral Square.

Plaza Vieja emerged in 1559, after Plaza de Armas and San Francisco Square. It was a residential area where  colonial Creole bureaucracy settled. Important commercial, recreational, religious and political activities were made in this opencast area in the past.

In a panoramic view we observe beautiful colonial buildings surrounding the square. Most of them from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and other early decades of the twentieth century. The style is very similar: two-storey houses, open to the outside through portals and galleries.

Thanks to restoration works of Historian City´s Office, today we can enjoy this space. Some murals with photos testify as Plaza Vieja was saved from oblivion pass. In the center of the square, a replica of the original fountain who was there, stands proud.

Today, daily cultural activities are performed there. The theater performances and street visual arts projects call attention to everyone who passes. Some famous Cuban artists have left their marks on Plaza Vieja square to show this place have everything and is for everyone.

For visit: Mercaderes and San Ignacio between Teniente Rey (Brasil) and Muralla, Old Havana, La Havana (“23.13603, -82.35002”). Free access daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez