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A paradise. Thus, we could qualify El Nicho, in Cienfuegos, Cuba. This exceptional natural space is considered one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. Hidden between the mountains, it combines the green of the vegetation with the rivers, waterfalls and natural polls. It is a wonder of nature at the visitor’s disposal.

It is located at an altitude of 440 meters above sea level, in the Escambray Mountains, on kilometer 59 of the road to Trinidad. It is 30 kilometers from Topes de Collantes and only 2 kilometers from Hanabanilla Lake. The Nicho, formerly an area of military preparation, is now a National Park visited by thousands every year in search of its natural attractions. Along the way, mountains alternate with forests and valleys.

The walk through the Park requires resistance; your efforts will be rewarded during and at the end of the journey. The road is surrounded by abundant vegetation. This direct contact with nature, will allow you to observe the flora and fauna of the place and take photos. Varied species of birds and endemic plants live there, it is home of the national bird of Cuba: the Tocororo.

Rustic bridges make it easy to climb. You can take a short dip in some of the natural pools in your path. From the viewpoint, you can see a completely green world that is beyond the reach of sight. In the waterfalls of El Negro River, the water falls from more than 30 meters. By striking against the rocks, it forms the foam and a fine mist. It is a wonderful spectacle for the eyes.

At the end of the route, in the highest part of the river, you will find the best of the natural pools of the place. The water is cold, very cool and with waterfalls that move the water with force. It is the favorite place for visitors, a place to take a break and relax before the descent.

El Nicho Park is an ideal place to practice trekking and other nature tourism activities. A poster alerts us “… Before you were born, I was already waiting for your visit. Please, allow your children to have the pleasure of meeting me”. Others have the right to know this natural wonder.

For visit: Escambray Mountains, kilometer 59 of the road to Trinidad, Cienfuegos (“22.03245, -80.12095”). Entrance charge daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez