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Between the karst skirts of the hills that form the Viñales National Park – cultural patrimony of the humanity – a unique community named “Moncada” is hidden. This community is located 18 kilometers from the tourist center of the populous Vueltabajo municipality.

Despite its outstanding geography, houses of similar architecture and the hospitality of its people, it is Los Malagones which really attracts thousands of people annually. This sculptural complex was erected on November 3, 1999.

This work pays tribute to the 12 peasants from Pinar del Rio province, that were commissioned by Fidel to capture cape Luis Lara Crespo, a member of the army of dictator Fulgencio Batista, with numerous crimes in his record.

The work, originally conceived to be visited at night time, takes as reference a well-known photograph taken by Raúl Corrales. For its design some values were taken into account, such as the unbreakable unity of the 12 men, the purity of their thoughts in defense of the Revolution and the nature of the environment in which the fighting prowess was developed.

In its center, intact from its concrete figure, Leandro Rodríguez Malagón, head of the militia, holds the rifle in his arms and alerts the eye, as if his eyes were still running every inch of the land.

The opulent sculptural complex is rounded by the niches with the carved names of its 11 companions, of which only one remains alive.

More than its aesthetic beauty or its architectural values, it is the great symbolism that surrounds the Sculpture Complex Los Malagones, which makes this place a must stop in the visit to the Cuban West.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco