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The personal venture reaches Cienfuegos. In this case it takes the form of a gym. A private business to satisfy the demand of locals and tourists. It opens its doors not only for those who practice bodybuilding but also for those who want a healthier life. Its service covers the main exercise routines.

Imperio Gym has been in operation for a few months. From its opening it attracted people from the area, happy to have a site like this. Various implements facilitate the practices, result of the ingenuity that characterizes the Cubans.

The owner is known as Mr. Cienfuegos since he won this local competition in 2008. Since that date, he is the president of the Bodybuilding Association in Cienfuegos. Along with other trainers, he attends to those people interested in this place. They assist people about what the best exercises are according to what they want to achieve. The clients trust their professionalism.

Among the main routines that can be practiced are the ones that look for the increase of muscular mass and the hardening. They have also designed procedures to lose weight and rehabilitate through the correct exercises. The cost of services is determined by the number of hours required, regardless of the practice chosen. All services are available to Cubans and foreign visitors.

Located on 60th Street in the city of Cienfuegos, Imperio Gym aims to become a benchmark for business in the area. It is a site in favor of healthy sport. The place where other Mr. Cienfuegos may be formed.

For visit: Street 60, Cienfuegos. Services charge daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez