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Thirty years has passed and Mejunje is still there, in Marta Abreu street in Santa Clara city . Unconventional is its trump card.

It was created on January 26, 1985, as a place for meeting intellectuals friends but later it was became in the cultural heart of this city in central Cuba. This multifaceted cultural center, placed on the ruins of an old hotel, is one of the most visited by artists from around the country. Several popular personalities have been in its scenarios. Besides, it is home to the national theater festival of small format.

Mejunje serves all kinds of audiences. Its cultural references are as diverse as art. The usual billboard is designed with cultural spaces that arise from the collaborations, suggestions or proposals of the public. According to its creators, “there is something for everyone.”

Part of the magic of the site is to think in all ages. The art is cultivated there from the earliest stages. You can see a group of intellectuals discussing issues of art, an old man dancing danzon or children singing. All musical genre that feeds the soul is welcome, from disco music to trova, bolero, rock and jazz.

Social campaigns find space there. The institution contributes to promotions for HIV / AIDS, and to the fight against homophobia and social discrimination. Mejunje is also involved in other national events serving as co-host with nationwide cultural events such as Festival of Theater of Havana, Longina Troubadours Festival and International Book Fair.

Mejunje is alive. This Cuban cultural oasis remains and will remain as a source of culture for local and foreign people.

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez