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This Memorial Center is located in Havana under the name of the renowned American pastor Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Peace Award laureate in 1964 for his efforts to eradicate apartheid.

Heir to the ideals of the North American reverend, the center founded on April 25, 1987, is an initiative aimed at promoting values such as solidarity and justice, as well as the social development of the neighborhood where it is located: Pogolotti, belonging to the Havana municipality of Marianao.

Committed to the Cuban people, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center promotes integration, learning and solidarity between Latin American and North American nations.

This organization, of Christian integration, aims to link the work of the Baptist Church with the transformations in society, and since its creation has promoted projects that today show significant progress.

From the work with the community, the macroeconomic institution assumes as its purposes the popular participation in the social processes, from a critical and liberalizing theology that defends the full life of human beings without discrimination.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center is a paradigm of non-violent values and rejects exclusion on the basis of race, sex, nationality or belief. A faithful continuation of the legacy of the American leader.

For visits:  Barrio Pogolotti. Marianao. Havana. Cuba

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño