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During your visit to Remedios village in Villa Clara, you will find Marti Park. Due to its location and importance, it is the center of this legendary village. All urban constructions start from this place. You will feel that the buildings around, neoclassical style, will transfer you in time to ancient times.

The silhouettes of the bell tower of the Parochial Church of San Juan Bautista and of the Church of the Buen Viaje appear on both sides of this square. This is an exceptional case as it is the only colonial park in the country with two Churches so close.

This provincial park dates back to 1852 and it is the work of the first settlers. It began as a square called Plaza Isabel II. Then in the period of the Republic, it was decided to create there a park with the name of the National Apostle, José Martí. On May 20, 1902, the “Ceiba of the Republic” was planted in front of the Culture House.

With the triumph of the Revolution, it was decided a new design for the park. The current one was built at the beginning of the 1960s. On April 7, 2002, it was unveiled a high bronze relief of Jose Marti, made by the sculptor José Delarra. This served as a tribute to the Apostle and the centenary of the park.

The tower of the Parochial Church of San Juan Bautista stands out above the entire grove. This building is an exponent of the baroque style of the XVIII century and the most important patrimonial object of the city. Neither in the Cathedral of Havana can you find a tower as magnificent as this.

Marti Park is a center of activities even in the evenings. Like every provincial park of the Cuban colonial period, it exhibits its gazebo in the center. There are options for different tastes in the locals that surround this square. The options range from manifestations of the Yoruba culture, the Cuban and international songs to humor.

For the visitor, Marti Park can be the best opportunity to be in contact with the Cuban people. Here the family meets to tell their stories.

For visit: Remedios town center, Villa Clara (“22.49509, -79.54508”). Free access daily.

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez