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Maria la Gorda beach is surrounded by the mysticism of stories of pirates, ships aground and hidden treasures, it delights for its clear and calm waters, for the incalculable beauty of its coral reefs and the diversity of species that inhabit it.

Although there is no single version of the arrival of Mary, the fat, to the western extreme of Cuba, in popular imagination she is associated with a voluminous woman settled centuries ago in the vicinity of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula to become a filibuster and a food dealer. One of the main tourist areas of the country carries her name.

The main attractions of the area include the Villa Maria la Gorda Hotel and its international diving center, which has more than 50 dive sites where visitors can dive up to 35 meters deep and observe large formations of black coral, sea turtles, seaweed, stingrays, green morays, squirrelfish and numerous other species of the Caribbean marine fauna.

In addition to the contemplative night and wall diving, it is also practiced fishing, scuba diving, eco-tourism and water sports.

Thousands of travelers arrive every year to explore the landscape, captivated by the beauty of the seabed and the dream of discovering the remains of ancient sunken Spanish galleons in the region.

The warmth of the beach, its beautiful coral formations and a virgin rainforest with a varied flowering of jocumas, majaguas and mahogany trees, with hutias, iguanas, parrots, deer, tocororos and parakeets, make Maria la Gorda a must destination for those longing for contact with nature, legend and history.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco