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With four centuries of existence, the Tower of Manacas-Iznaga in Trinidad, is one of those sites that, for the luck of Cuban and foreign visitors, remains unbreakable as a symbol of the city and national heritage.

Undoubtedly an attribute of the region, the Tower comes to our days as yet another example of the splendour of the ancient Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, supported by the development of the sugar industry and commerce.

This imposing brick tower has seven floors of 45 meters high and an internal staircase that allows access from the base to the top. It also has a bell on the top which, according to legend, was intended to mark the beginning and end of the slave labour day on the sugar plantations.

The Tower of Manacas-Iznaga, named after its creators, offers incredible views, ideal for taking photographs or simply observing from above the farm where the sugar factory, the mansion and the slave shelters were established.

Some 20 years ago, the tower received a restoration of its wooden floors, the state of the stairs and the handrails, among other details that today make it a permanent tourist attraction and an amazing viewpoint of the Valle de los Ingenios, recognized by UNESCO since 1988 as a World Heritage Site.

This work, reminiscent of an architecture rich in styles and shapes and with a unique tradition, is the perfect complement to visit this charming city full of history and good taste.

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by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño