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A friend asked me one day to go in Havana at night and enjoy young art made in Cuba. Altamira space: to such a question, a proposal immediately went off in my mind. And, if it comes to young contemporary art, this place is the best choice

The Altamira project conforms Space generated by a group of creators and the neighborhood council, in agreement and non-profit. It has two organizational develop criteria that determine the lines of work in which they seized: Altamira space as art center and as a center expanded to the community.

In general, space Altamira, pursues mission: to forge a connection between art and other community institutions. Therefore, among its objectives this: establish a profitable relationship between creators and the community that tribute to intellective enrichment of both, and forge ties with nearby institutions that contribute and enrich the possibilities of expanding the cultural project and motivate the inclusion of non-specialized personnel in activities that encourage their sensitivity towards art and creation.

Joint exhibitions, exhibition and sale, specialized conferences and performances, characterize some of the activities surrounding this project. Four artists: Edel Bordón Mirabal, Yamilé Pardo Menendez, Aissa Santiso Camiade and Paul Victor Bordon, use their residence as a studio-workshop, aware of the possibility of investing, based on their individual poetics.

While permanent residence is confirmed by these four fine artists in their projects encompass the intervention of other branches such as architecture, music, dance and graphic design, drawing on the ideas of other young artists. During the XII Biennial of Havana Altamira Area or Studio-workshop-106, he was present, with a large sample of proposals.

Create in Cuba is a privilege for any artist, live in it makes it even more authentic and have a space like this where besides showing this art, can interact with the audience, it makes his work is a constant feedback.

By: Arianna González
Photos: Eduardo P. Seiglie