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For few months a new attraction delights the palate of vueltabajeros: Los Pasteles Verdes, singular candy store inspired by the successful Peruvian group of the decade of the 70.

The enclosure offers a pleasant and loosened atmosphere, livened up with music of the Prodigious Decade and decoration to the Creole style.

The menu offers innovative creations, where it combines the authentic of the molasses with the exquisite flavor of the cocoa and the Caribbean fruits. Pastries, rolls, Capitols, Genoeses… they figure among the main attractions of the candy store that it also offers a great variety of ice creams, juices and sodas.

Located in one of the main arteries of Pinar del Rio capital, you will be able to access easily to the sweet shop from the Milanes theater, the restaurant La Casona and the Vueltabajo hotel.

The quality of the confectionery and the excellence in the service mix in one of the welcoming atmospheres in the city, achieving a seductive effect for the whole visitor that comes to this small one, but attractive local.

For Visits: Maximo Gómez, Nr. 113, Pinar del Río.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco