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On your tour through Paseo del Prado in Cienfuegos, you will notice this majestic building of imposing facade, undisputed symbol of the splendor that this city had in its golden decades. Formerly the headquarters of the Lyceum of Cienfuegos, in 1976 it became the Provincial Library “Roberto García Valdés”. Since then it has a growing bibliographic capital with some 58 391 titles and 134 541 volumes available to readers.

This property reflects the Renaissance influences in its exterior image and the old Doric style in the interior. In the highest part, it is highlighted the shield of Cienfuegos. The semicircular arches of wood and glass surround the whole building and its interiors. The ceiling is decorated in Louis XV style. The ground floor has a portal with columns and a large hall that leads to the main staircase. On the second floor, there is a huge reading room with large windows and balconies overlooking the Prado.

Most consultation rooms are located on the first floor. Some of these are the rooms of Art, Children and Youth, General Literature, Navigation, among others. Special mention deserves the Room of Visual Weaknesses, an area dedicated exclusively to contribute through the knowledge to the improvement of the life of the people with this disability. Those books are written in Braille.  Members are encouraged to become professionals and integrate into society. There is also a circle of interest to teach children on how to use the Braille system.

This library has designed its activities taking into account all groups of ages. Therefore, it plays an active role in the daily life of the people in Cienfuegos. It is the main of all the public libraries of the province. Its mission is not only to provide library services but also to preserve and disseminate the provincial, national and universal bibliographic heritage.

For visit: Corner of 37 (Prado) & 58 streets. Cienfuegos (“22.14672, -80.44832”). Free entrance Daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez