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Rarely we have the pleasure to lunch or dine in a restaurant with so much history in its walls, tables and dishes. Indoubtedly “La Guarida” is all these, a place where culture, art and good taste go hand in hand.

Concordia # 418 or Mansion Camagüey, are some of the old names which used to refer to the property. But it was not until July 14, 1996 by Henry and Odeisys idea that the same step to become Paladar, name used to represent the private restaurants in Havana.

A business of the first to be opened of its kind in the city, has attracted since its foundation to date thousands of travelers from around the world interested in knowing the relationship that looks film Tomas Gutierrez Alea (Titon) and Juan Carlos Tabio, Fresa y Chocolate. The same as it was nominated for an Oscar Awards and to tour the world.

La Guarida contains in its interior design every detail of the film, its baroque decoration, its windows where light and easily the voices of the people of Centro Habana sneaks makes this site a must visit space.

Your kitchen has surprised even the most demanding visitors, and their plates contain the authentic taste of Cuban cuisine, accompanied by a deluxe presentation. There have been many personalities there tasted their food and comfortable spaces. The names of Beyonce, Rihanna, Leonardo Di Caprio, among others, are an example of this, which have left their memories in the book of famous guests who cherishes this restaurant.

Feel the feeling of rolling back the film Strawberry and Chocolate, or feel the voices of Diego when he welcomed his humble “Guarida” palate make this a place where time travel is privilege of life.

For visits:  Callejón del Chorro, Catedral square. Old Havana (23.140535, -82.35213)

By: Arianna González

Photos: Alejandro Pérez Falcón