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Part of the seven wonders of civil engineering in Cuba, the road to the Viaduct of La Farola is a feat from the point of view of construction and an attraction for the impressive views that can be seen along the way.

Established in 1965 with the mission of linking by land the province of Guantánamo with the first town founded in Cuba after the Spanish colonization: Baracoa, this is a work of great importance for transport and communication between the territories of eastern Cuba.

La Farola is part of the Vía Azul, a 154-kilometer road that connects the city with Baracoa, and the trip is very unique because of the numerous curves and the variability of the landscape. The thick vegetation can change to a marine or desert view, depending on the specific area it passes through. This is an unusual experience that keeps the traveler in constant expectation.

This creation deserves its place among the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering thanks to the efforts in its construction, which required new concepts to build it due to the irregularities of the terrain and the heights that reach up to 450 meters above sea level.

The reinforced concrete beams support the structure of the La Farola Viaduct road, which stoically withstands the passage of time and continues to provide its services for the transportation of local and foreign visitors.

For Visits: Sagua-Baracoa highway. Baracoa. Guantanamo. Cuba

by:  Lys Alfonso Bergantiño
pics: Yarelis González