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On the north coast of the Pinar del Río geography, welcoming the Strait of Florida, a huge rock attracts the attention of the visitor: Jutías Cay, a small coral island of almost virgin beaches with white sands and turquoise waters, is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty from the Caribbean.

The islet, which along with the Cays Levisa and Paradise is part of Los Colorados archipelago, joins the mainland through a large five-kilometer rock-bed built above sea level.

Among the most popular recreational options of the destination are diving, snorkeling and boat rides, catamaran and water bikes. Likewise, the cay has a set of ranches in which the passer-by can enjoy the rich Creole culinary tradition.

For two years now, it has been chosen for the final stage of the Titan Tropic Cuba, an important mountain bike competition heiress of the famous Titan Desert that is celebrated in the desert sands of Morocco.

One of the main attractions of the landscape is its lighthouse, unique of its kind in Cuba, with a metallic tower of 18 meters of height that has guided the navigator for more than a century.

The northern section of the island embraces beautiful beaches and a huge coral barrier, while the southern part is covered by mangroves, sui generis ecosystems of trees and shrubs in direct contact with the ocean.

In just four square kilometers, you can see a great variety of bird species endemic to the country, such as the Batista hawk, the zunzun and the woodpecker.

Jutías Cay offers you the possibility of freeing your mind and spirit in the enjoyment of an unparalleled stillness and harmony.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco